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Leadership and Management


ILM Level 5 in Leadership and Management

London, hosted by Action for Children – 10 days start May 2018 – £990 + VAT

Newcastle – 6 days start September – £690 + VAT

ILM qualification costs additional

A Leadership programme which stretches and helps you recognise, understand and develop your own unique leadership skills. This course equips you with the tools and techniques required to have more impact in your organisation. Modules include: Strategic planning, Leadership, Communication, Performance management and Stakeholder relationships.
You can opt to complete an ILM Level 5 qualification in Leadership and Management. The cost is £290 + VAT for an Award and £390 + VAT for a Certificate.

Leadership and Management – ILM Level 5 Course details

ILM Level 7 Award in Leadership and Management

6 days – £1690 + VAT per person

An advanced leadership programme designed to provide existing and aspiring senior managers the opportunity to create significant organisational and personal impact through high-level engagement with practice, critical thinking and heightened self-awareness, underpinned by practical and applied research and theoretical frameworks. The programme starts with a 360 degree appraisal and focuses on developing your strategic leadership and management capability.

Emerging Leaders and Supervisors

ILM Level 3 in Leadership and Management

3 days – £345 + VAT (ILM qualification additional)

This course provides new and emerging leaders, front-line managers and supervisors the confidence and underpinning basic knowledge to effectively perform their role. It identifies what is expected of you from your organisation and the people you manage, exploring best practice to look at how this can be put into practice. You will be supplied with a practical toolkit of supervisory skills, which can be taken back to the workplace and put into immediate effect.
You can opt to complete a qualification – ILM Level 3 Award in Leadership and Management. The cost is £290 + VAT for the Award.
Leadership and Management – ILM Level 3 Course details


Coaching and Mentoring Training

For leaders who wish to develop their Coaching and Mentoring skills

London & Midlands, 3 days start Autumn 2018

£1390 + VAT for ILM Level 5 Certificate; £890 + VAT for Endorsed

This course will give you the opportunity to develop your coaching and mentoring skills and through reflection, identify your personal qualities, skills and competence as a coach and mentor.
This course is an opportunity to develop your coaching and mentoring skills, and through reflection, identify your personal qualities, skills and competence as a coach and mentor.

As part of your reflection, review and skill development you will be encouraged to deliver 12 hours of coaching and mentoring. This course aims to enable you to feel confident in using your coaching and mentoring skills within an organisation or privately. The course can lead to you becoming a qualified coach and mentor with an ILM Level 5 Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring or an ILM Endorsed certificate in Coaching and Mentoring.

If you wish to develop an organisational culture of coaching and mentoring talk to us about our in-house courses.

Coaching and Mentoring – Course details


Sabbatical Officer Training

Leadership and Management Development Programme

8 day course – starts October 2018

This course supports sabbatical officers to be confident, effective and inspiring leaders now and in the future. Working with other officers on core modules helps them to gain the skills to do this and share best practice, having even more impact in the year ahead.
Sabbatical Officer LMDP – Course details


Management of Volunteers

ILM Level 5 in Management of Volunteers

Distance learning – ask for details

A leadership development course to improve your volunteer leadership. This course has been developed for those responsible for recruiting/managing and leading volunteers within their organisation. The course will help you understand how to promote the benefits of volunteering, how to use the motivations of your volunteers to release their full potential and will allow you to develop and understand your role as a manager and leader.
The course will provide you with practical examples of best practice, which you can use in your own organisation.
Management of Volunteers – Course details

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