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 At Blue Edge, we are passionate about developing organisations through their people and supporting the strategy, growth and  development of all the organisations we work with. Our vision is to return investment through people, we achieve this by ensuring that  what is learnt is put into action back at work.

 As a team we share these values, they express the way we like to work with each other and the organisations we work with:


 We like to create new ideas and ways of working, giving benefit to the people we work with and communities we live in.


 We are friendly and care about the individuals and the organisations we work with, working hard to develop meaningful, interesting and  fulfilling relationships.


 We do what we say we will and say what we think, we are open about the way we work with each other and all our stakeholders.


 We seek to grow as individuals and we want the organisations we work with to succeed, we are passionate and proactive in helping  organisations and individuals fulfil their potential.

 Dominic Morris
 Dominic Morris Managing Director